16 Signs You Know You’re Back At School

After five 6.30am alarms, traffic chaos and 100 cups of coffee, it’s pretty obvious that we’ve all settled in quite nicely. It’s been a week since we confidently threw open the school gates ready for a new year of teaching, but how many of you can already relate to the signs that you know you’re back in business?

1. You’ve already booked next years Summer holiday.

gif 1

2. You’ve cooked with wine… Every night.

gif 2

3. You’ve started to pick up all the new ‘cool’ slang.

gif 3

4. You appreciate silence. Oh god it sounds good.

gif 4

5. A friend hurts themselves and you tell them to put a wet paper towel on it.


6. Sunday nights look like this…

gif 6

7. And Monday mornings like this…

gif morning

8. Hiding in public has become a must.

gif 8

9. Bladder? What bladder.

gif 9

10. The Teacher voice has come out to play in every walk of life.

gif 6

11. You have a love/hate relationship with mobile phones.


12. You can run but you can’t hide.

gif 10

13. You’ve picked up three colds, ten headaches and a sickness bug.

gif sick

14. Your pupils are already testing the boundries.


15. Plum, Petrol and Peach are apparently extremely popular names.

gif 11

16. You realise how much you’ve missed the job, even if it is a little crazy.

gif 12

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