Nailing Being Productive

There is just something oh so enjoyable about knowing that you have been productive. Don’t deny it, we’ve all been there: the thought of a small task such as cleaning up the living room overwhelms you and you end up holding it off for a few hours just because the task in hand seems so tedious. But admit it, once it’s done you get that lovely smug satisfied feeling and you’re keen to get more done. That ladies and fellas, is the feeling that productivity brings to you.

We actually welcome that feeling with both arms wide open, I mean, who wouldn’t? So, we thought it would be a great idea to come up with a guide on how to plan your weeks to make sure you can get that dreamy productive satisfied feeling – at the same time as achieving your goals!



Whether the goals that you set are career related or simply just consist of smaller tasks such as completing the laundry, we hope this simple guide has helped you figure out the best way to be productive. Oh, and take note of how satisfying it will feel when you get to cross those things off your list! Lists will become your best friend when you want to be productive.

Any more ideas on how to be productive then drop us a Tweet over @StaffroomEd or pop a comment down below!

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