How does the pay work?

We pay all of our staff on a weekly basis, directly into the account details given every Friday. Payslips will be received the day before, i.e Thursday with a breakdown of all completed work. You will be paid a week in arrears, meaning that any work you do on week 1, is paid on week 2 and so on.

Are there any additional costs?

No additional costs, everything we do is free of charge. The only time the candidate may have to pay is if a new DBS is required. For more information on this, visit GOV.uk.

How much work will I get?

That really depends on you. We supply all Secondary schools in South Wales and offer everything from day to day short term, to year long fixed term contracts. In our experience, the more you put in, the more you get out so it’s really upto you.

Can I work for more than one agency?

Of course you can. We just want you to work, whether it’s through us or someone else. If your circumstances change whilst registered with us, we just ask that you keep us posted so that we can update your records accordingly.

Can I cancel a booking at any time?

Yes. We appreciate that things can happen or crop up at the very last-minute, we will always do our best to ensure we make alternative arrangements, should you need to cancel a booking. It is important to let us know as early as possible, therefore we have a 24 hour on call service that operates at evenings and on weekends.

What if I get a permanant job?

Congratulations, you’ve done it! As the nature of the work with Staffroom is temporary, you have no notice period to serve. All we ask again is that you keep us in the know.

Do you offer training?

Although we don’t offer any in house training, we do have external partners that can assist you in whatever route you want to take.

As an Overseas Trained Teacher, can I register for supply work?

Overseas trained teachers (OTTs) from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) are able to teach in Wales for up to four years without the need to gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), provided that your visa/work permit allows you to work in the UK.

I already have a DBS check, can I use this?

If your DBS was carried out after June 2013 and you have registered for the update service, then yes, this will be valid for any work with Staffroom Education.


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