The stages of a break up (with work)

The end of an era. Yes, I said it. Although it isn’t a bad one, it’s all good (if you ignore the sadness) on both sides. My four years at Staffroom have officially come to an end and this will be my last blog for the company, ever – slightly dramatic I know. The point of this blog is that although a move, change, new job, or adventure is exciting, I can honestly say that leaving my current role is not something I will take lightly, and I’m sure many of you have been in the same position at some point too.

Enjoying your job is super important, not because of your sheer determination and utter hard work, but because you spend more time there than anywhere else. I’ve been blessed with a fantastic team (I promise they aren’t stood at my desk forcing me to write this) and because of this I felt it was only right that I shared my ‘stages of a break up’ with work.

So here you go, hands up high if you can relate…

giphy (20)

1. The ‘please don’t make me tell them I’m leaving’ stage.

No one of my favourites I must say. You make up 60 scenarios in your head of how it will pan out and they all seem positive until you’re trying to get the words out of your mouth. Never had a stutter? Well you will here.

giphy (21)

2. The ‘it’s out and I can celebrate’ stage

Those sleepless nights and cold sweats are finally behind you (and will never, ever be missed).

giphy (22)

3. The ‘okay it’s sunk in and I’m actually gutted’ stage.

Everyone knows and the countdown begins. The problem is that you still have a few days/weeks of constant reminders of why you love your job so much.


4. The ‘who are you replacing me with because they’ll never be as good as me!’ stage.

The interviews are going well but you hate them all (okay, you totally don’t – you just hate the thought of anyone living up to your standards). The fear of your work family forgetting you has officially sunk in…


5. The ‘why aren’t you sad? why aren’t you crying yet?’ stage

You know, just casually dropping in every five minutes that you’re leaving to check it’s sunk in.


6. The ‘I’m cleaning out my drawers so this is actually happening’ stage.

It’s easy to put leaving to the back of your mind when you’re reminiscing on the good times and grabbing slice of ‘goodbye’ cake left, right, and centre. However there’s nothing quite as emotional as boxing up your work belongings and seeing a lonely, lifeless desk.


7. The ‘oh my god these things are going to be happening without me’ stage. 

That future chatter that you can’t quite get involved in because you know you’ll be long gone. Sad? Happy? A mixture of both, not because you won’t be there to share it, but because you know the company will continue to kill it without you.


8. The ‘final goodbye’ stage.

Coffee, presents… wine? Nothing quite heals the pain of your last day in the office. There’s tears, there’s tantrums, and there’s denial. Once reality sinks in, it’s pretty sad to have to walk through those ever so familiar doors for the last time, but what makes it easier is how amazing your experience has been.

For those that are nodding away muttering ‘oh I hear you’, raise a glass to a fabulous chapter in your life and all of those who made it happen (even with ridiculously early alarms and copious amounts of caffeine) – cheers to genuinely enjoying your job.

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