How You Can Make the Most Out of Half Term

Hooray, half term is finally on it’s way! I think that we can all agree that it’s been a tough start with those dark mornings and trying to get back into the swing of things after Christmas hasn’t exactly been easy. Everybody loves a good ol’ break, it’s definitely deserved and next week you shall be living the dream. YAY!

This is why we are a massive fan of half term. It’s the perfect time to recharge those batteries of yours so that you can strut back into the rest of the term feeling like a brand-new person. We’ve come up with a list of things that we think are essential in helping you feel refreshed over the half term break. We hope they help!

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Inspirational Quotes

January felt like it was lasting forever. 31 days? It was beginning to feel like 31,000 days. Gross! But alas, a new month is on the scene and we have never been so grateful. Hiya February! January was an amazing month for us, but combined with the freezing cold weather, trying to get over that lazy Christmas slump and getting back into the swing of work it is safe to say that we are welcoming February with arms wide open.

You have to admit that there is something just oh so satisfying about starting a new month, right? To make sure that lovely little satisfied feeling runs through the rest of February, we have come up with a list of education inspirational quotes that you can turn to if you feel those January blues start creeping in again. Here goes!


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Prevent Bad Behaviour in the Classroom

Ugh! Bad behaviour is a pet hate for most teachers and teaching assistants. It is completely understandable as to why though – it can be disruptive for the rest of the class, mega hard to deal with and can also jeopardise the authoritative status that normally goes hand in hand with being a teacher. These factors can be even more challenging when you’re not a permanent member of staff and can also leave you feeling deflated if you deal with bad behaviour in a variety of schools.

The best way to eliminate the problem of bad behaviour is to squash it before it has the chance to become an even bigger issue. This is where we come in handy, the tips within this blog post aim to guide you in preventing bad behaviour in the classroom. Fingers crossed your days will run smoothly and bad behaviour free – here goes!



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Nailing Being Productive

There is just something oh so enjoyable about knowing that you have been productive. Don’t deny it, we’ve all been there: the thought of a small task such as cleaning up the living room overwhelms you and you end up holding it off for a few hours just because the task in hand seems so tedious. But admit it, once it’s done you get that lovely smug satisfied feeling and you’re keen to get more done. That ladies and fellas, is the feeling that productivity brings to you.

We actually welcome that feeling with both arms wide open, I mean, who wouldn’t? So, we thought it would be a great idea to come up with a guide on how to plan your weeks to make sure you can get that dreamy productive satisfied feeling – at the same time as achieving your goals!



Whether the goals that you set are career related or simply just consist of smaller tasks such as completing the laundry, we hope this simple guide has helped you figure out the best way to be productive. Oh, and take note of how satisfying it will feel when you get to cross those things off your list! Lists will become your best friend when you want to be productive.

Any more ideas on how to be productive then drop us a Tweet over @StaffroomEd or pop a comment down below!

Our Time at the Teacher Recruitment Fair – UWTSD

We we’re invited to attend the Teacher Recruitment Fair at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David in Swansea yesterday! We had a great time chatting to the students about joining our agency and also just gave them general advice on how to get their foot even further in the door within the profession. Here are a few snaps of Jess having a chat to some lovely folk! Oh, and how lovely do our new banners look?! We’re just ever so slightly in love with them.








Thanks for having us!