Top Tips for a Day Supply Teaching

Staffroom education (1)1. Look up where the school is

Take the stress out of trying to find the school on the day by doing a test run a few days before, especially if you are using public transport. Find the right bus routes and where to get on and off. There is nothing worse than being late on your first day at a new school.

Just in case the worse happens such as an accident causing traffic, have the schools number saved to your mobile so that you can easily let them know of the situation and your estimated time of arrival. Communication is key, schools will not mind if you are late due to extenuating circumstances if they are made aware and know.

2. Get there early

It is always best to arrive earlier than needed so that you can familiarise yourself with things such as the school’s behaviour policy before your first class, where the staff toilets are, the work the teacher you are covering has left, where the staffroom is and the tea and coffee making facilities. This will save time when you have a small break to grab that well deserved coffee

3. Bring your own back up resources

Although teachers will leave pre-set work for you to hand out, always be prepared for the worse case scenario. Have a USB handy of teaching resources so that if the worst-case scenario strikes you are well prepared and not left stranded.

4. Introduce yourself

This may sound like an obvious one but the children’s first impression of you counts, so have in mind how you are going to introduce yourself to the children, not just giving your name but also outlining your expectations for the day. It is also important to introduce yourself to the staff, from the school caretaker and office staff, to the head teacher. Making yourself known to the staff and being friendly will leave a great impression which may lead to further work in that school or even a permanent position.

5. Learn names

It will take time and effort and even if you are only in a school for a few days, making a conscious effort to learn the names of the children will ensure a good relationship between you and your pupils. It is also good practice to learn the names of the head teacher, deputy head, class teacher who you are covering and the office staff. You can find this information out on the school website and this will show professionalism and allow you to easily communicate with staff rather than trying to find out their names on the day.

6. Ask about the children

Find out whether there are any pupils that have allergies and require an asthma pump or any other medications, medical conditions or behavioural issues that require a change to the teaching of the class.

7. Know the routines

Find out the daily routine at the start of the day, and rules surrounding bathroom breaks. Find out the ruling the school has regarding bathroom breaks such as how many can go at one time and whether they require a pass or not. Once a supply teacher seems to not know the rules of the school some pupils may try to take advantage of your lack of knowledge.


Do you have any other handy tips for supply teaching in a new school? If so we would LOVE to hear them so drop us a comment in the box below.

Design and Technology Technician – Newport

Staffroom Education are looking for an enthusiastic and experienced Design and Technology Technician to work within a secondary school in Newport. The school is easily accessible by public transport and has on site car parking. This position is to cover four-weeks with an immediate start.

The ideal candidate will be reporting to the Head of the DT Department and you will work alongside the Teachers within a classroom environment.

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Standing in the Way of Your Own Classroom Management?

I think we can all agree that classroom management is vital when it comes to making sure that the children know who is boss. I’m sure that we can all also agree on the fact that bad behaviour is zero amounts of fun and often throws the lesson off track; ugh! Oh, and even worse have you ever noticed that after one child decides to mis-behave there is like a massive torpedo of bad behaviour thrown at you? Every teacher, teaching assistant, and even other support staff in schools deal with this chaotic sort of mischief on a daily basis. Breathe, it’s okay – you’ve got this!

You’ve got this because you’re the one in charge! Try your hardest not to forget that you are the one who is in control of the classroom management and how you manage the class really does affect the lesson. Chances are highly likely that you know this already. But have you ever stopped to question if you are in fact standing in the way of your own classroom management? Here are a few things that you may overlook normally, but can actually have an amazing impact on your classroom management techniques!

for blog

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Prevent Bad Behaviour in the Classroom

Ugh! Bad behaviour is a pet hate for most teachers and teaching assistants. It is completely understandable as to why though – it can be disruptive for the rest of the class, mega hard to deal with and can also jeopardise the authoritative status that normally goes hand in hand with being a teacher. These factors can be even more challenging when you’re not a permanent member of staff and can also leave you feeling deflated if you deal with bad behaviour in a variety of schools.

The best way to eliminate the problem of bad behaviour is to squash it before it has the chance to become an even bigger issue. This is where we come in handy, the tips within this blog post aim to guide you in preventing bad behaviour in the classroom. Fingers crossed your days will run smoothly and bad behaviour free – here goes!



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Biology Teacher – Newport

Staffroom Education are currently short-listing for a Teacher of Biology vacancy in Newport , starting immediately for at least one term. We welcome applications at this time from both NQT’s and fully qualified Science Teachers.

The post is a full-time, temporary position within a progressive and improving 11 – 16 Community school in Newport. The person specification for this role recommends a determined and passionate subject Teacher, with the ability to encourage and inspire pupils of all social, economic and ethnic backgrounds.

Job Requirements:

  • A good understanding of Biology curriculum across all Key Stages;
  • Excellent classroom management strategies;
  • A passion for raising student expectations and achievement;
  • The ability to build strong working relationships with staff and pupils;
  • To remain up to date with educational developments and changes whilst undertaking the role;
  • Be aware of and comply with policies and procedures relating to child protection, health and safety, confidentiality and data protection;
  • Attendance of curricular and extra-curricular events in line with school policy;
  • A current and clear, fully-enhanced DBS disclosure certificate;
  • Full registration with the Education Workforce Council.

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