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Another great and busy few days Staffroom team! It’s been fantastic working alongside the universities in South Wales to offer their student teachers plenty of classroom experience, but this week we thought we’d offer them a little something extra. As social media is such a big part of our every day lives, we decided to present our views on why it is so important to consider your digital footprint online when applying for your first teaching role. Whilst it’s important to concentrate on your CV/cover letter and qualifications as a whole, there are a whole range of other factors that can either help or hinder your job success.

Hannah (our social media manager) gave advice on how you can support your applications through platforms such as Linkedin, Pinterest and even Twitter, giving the students an interesting twist on how to stand out to schools and headteachers. When working in a classroom it is imperative that you have strong communication and creative skills, so what better way to showcase them with free tools online? The University of South Wales offered a fantastic venue with a range of informative and helpful talks from others in the education industry and it was great to see such a big turn out – thank you so much for having us!

We can’t wait to continue our relationship with the universities involved and hopefully help place plenty of graduates in full time teaching roles. If you need help with any applications, or wish to know more about how social media can have an impact on your career, please contact us at:


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