15 things you won't miss about your PGCE

Whether you're basking in your new found freedom or the finish line is in sight, it's time to give yourselves 100 gold stars for powering through the hardships of a PGCE. No one said it would be easy, but nobody said it would be this hard either. Sleepless nights, over heated laptops and 700 bic pens later we can all wave goodbye to each and every negative that has driven us up the wall for the past 365 days. So here's our top 15 things that you won't be missing about your Post Certificate in Education...

1. Dreaming about classrooms.

2. Having assignment deadlines straight after holiday breaks so the rush is always on.

3. Being  the newbie in an OFSTED inspection.

 4. Finding sticky notes in your car, bags and fridges.

 5. The terror of teaching a class for the first time.

 6. Lie ins and weekends - no such thing.

 7. Carrying multiple bags, here, there and everywhere.

 8. Becoming a less effective teacher as soon as someone is observing.

 9. Spending hours on Pinterest trying to find new tricks to entertain students.

 10. Meeting a class, loving the class, saying goodbye to the class. REPEAT.

 11. Trying to learn a total of 120 names, many similar or unpronounceable.

 12. Telling friends you can't go for a drink on a school night as lesson planning takes 5 hours.

 13. Trying to be firm with pupils after an all night assignment session and one coffee.

 14. Having no money to spend on your self because it's gone on twenty books.

 15. Organising everything down to the clothes you will wear for the next few days as preparation means passing.