Fast Track Guide: How to start working with us?


So, you want to work in education but you’re not quite sure how to get started?


Here at Staffroom Education, we offer flexible work opportunities for just about anyone interested in working with children. Providing supply teachers and cover staff to nurseries, primary and secondary schools across South Wales, we take pride in making sure our schools are happy as well as our candidates. So if you’re a qualified teacher, a student, a TA or HTLA we’ve got work for you!


So how does it work?

Step 1: We need to know you’re interested.

Although sometimes you may get a phone call from us following your CV Library CV submission, the best way to get ball rolling is getting in touch with us! Before calling us or sending an enquiry through email, make sure you’ve had a look through the website and visited our social media channels to make sure you have a basic understanding of us and what we do.


Step 2: Experience is essential.

We need to know you have experience working with children in the past, ideally at least 3 months experience in the past year is required to register with us so that we can make sure schools will book you. Make sure your CV is fully up to date with all relevant experience and qualifications.

Extra tip: If you’ve reached this step and have realised you don’t have experience working with children, we recommend you seek some sort of work experience that involves working with children. This could involve volunteering, mentoring, tutoring, sports coaching or anything similar!


Step 3: Registration.

One of team will call you, explain absolutely everything to you in detail and arrange a registration meeting with you, don’t worry this isn’t an interview! This meeting is just so that both us and you can put a face to a name, you can fill out the correct forms and get a nice cheesy snap for our records and booking confirmations.


Step 4: Everyone loves admin...

In your registration meeting you will have filled out a police check (DBS) application and an Education Workforce Council (EWC) registration. Both documents are essential to registering with us. Typically, a DBS costs £44 which can then be added onto the update service and will be £13 thereafter. Additionally, your EWC registration will be £15 per year, confirmation for this will take a few days. The only thing you will be waiting for after that is your DBS certificate which will take around 2 weeks.


Step 5: Time for work.

Once you have your DBS certificate, you’re ready to go! We will get in touch with you each week to find out which days you’re free to work the following week; you choose your available days. Then when schools contact us for staff, we give you a call to find out if you’re free and book you in.


Step 6: There is no step 6, you’re sorted in 5 steps! Easy peasy, no contract, no ties, you chose your hours and you get paid the following week!