How to wind down after a busy first half term

You did it! The first term is over and it’s time of a well-earned re-charge. We know it’s difficult to wind down after only just managing to get used to the early alarms and getting into the groove of being at school again!

Worry not, we are here to give you some tips on how to give yourself a proper break and refresh yourself for the second half of term. So, put those books away and get your comfy clothes on!

The Dreaded Alarms

So finally, after weeks of horribly early alarms it’s time to turn them off and get ready for some well-deserved lie-ins and brunch because you probably won’t see daylight until about 10am!  Sleep is so important for our health and we’re guessing you’ve probably missed out on a few hours over the past few weeks. Hopefully by Sunday you’ll feel refreshed and ready to set them again (probably not but stay positive, because you haven’t really got a choice!)


As much as you probably just want to free your mind from absolutely anything that went on during the first half of the first term, it’s a good idea to reflect.  What went well for you and what maybe didn’t go so well?Reflect on how hard you’ve worked ready for the well deserve rest you’re embarking upon. Give yourself some credit and that may just help you relax that little bit more… and breaaaaaatttttttthhhhhhhh!


So, 10th October was #WorldMentalHealthDay2019 and we created some self-care tips for teachers to practice. Self-care is super important with many of us forgetting all about it, self-care simply means doing something that makes you happy. So, this could be a walk, sitting down with a good book, or just sitting down and doing absolutely nothing. Our favourites are, taking a nice hot bath, watching your favourite movie or listening to your favourite song!


This is your time to indulge on absolutely whatever you want, if there’s any time you deserve to do this (even though you always deserve to indulge) we think half term is fully justifiable. You could indulge on sleep, spending time with your loved ones, having some you-time or simply just eating an extra-large bar of chocolate! (reaching for a celebrations chocolate as we type…)  

Preparation – Planning Makes Perfect

As much as half term is a time for relaxing and recharging, it can be used as a great time to prepare for next term. The difference between preparation for the next day during term and preparation during half term is that you can do it at your own pace, and in your own time.  You may have had time to read some teaching blogs or lesson plan hints and tips, or you’ve simply had some head-space to actually have room in your brain to think clearly about next term!


Look, this week is a do what you want week. Do what makes you happy, relax and just enjoy your well-deserved week. If you have any tips for your fellow teachers on how to wind down this week, comment below!