The Teacher Summer Bucketlist

sleep 1

sleep 1

'Go on adventure', says one, 'reflect on your year' says another. Lets be realistic, when the Summer months are finally upon us there's plenty that we tell ourselves we'd love to do, but just sitting down and shutting off is welcomed with open arms. So here's to forgetting big plans, attending every event and being up at the crack of dawn to seize the day, it's time you completed the list that will suddenly make you feel human again.

1. Take a hammer to that dreaded alarm clock (perhaps refrain if you use your phone, it'll only end in tears).

2. Grab the remote and catch up on all those series you so unfortunately neglected whilst you spent the evenings marking.

3. Drink ALL of the wine that your previous pupils bought you. It is important you have enough room for next years or the house will look too cramped.

4. Call family/friends and make up for lost time.

5. Sit down and actually enjoy eating your breakfast and lunch. No rushing, no half measures and absolutely NO chomping at the speed of light like you've so often practised.

6. Read something that doesn't involve cartoon characters, Shakespeare or Harper Lee.

7.  Set up a Pinterest account and lose hours of precious time gathering teacher tips, food ideas and useless other bits that you promise you'll get all crafty with.

8. Get up and celebrate a MONDAY.

9. Gloat on social media (by accident of course). 'Didn't wake up to an alarm this morning and won't for another six weeks'.

10. Warm up/panic/over spend on all things school related before actually realising you're excited to go back.

Yes that's right. Forget the planning and marking (for now) and find somewhere in between. Go wild by not going wild and enjoy every minute of the whole next month. Everyone needs the time to recharge their batteries, and whilst you have spent the last god knows how long using your spare few minutes to mark, worry about results and mark again, it's time to claim back what you deserve.... DOING NOTHING.

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