Classroom Experience Project

Over the past few weeks we’ve been super busy. We’ve been packing up all our marketing material along with a whole lot of sweets (because well everybody loves sweets) and speaking to students within their universities explaining to them how we can help them break into their career of teaching. Yesterday we were invited by Cardiff University as part of their Classroom Experience Project to have a chat with students at their Pathway into Teaching event.  It was a new concept for Cardiff University and we were very pleased to be involved. Thank you for having us!



The innovative approach of having a recruitment speed-dating-esque event gave both us, the recruitment agency and the students, the chance to have an informative chat on a personal level. Think of something like Celebrities Go Dating and First Dates - but for recruiters and individuals aspiring to break into teaching. However, these shows minus the celebrities and zero awkward chit chat of who was going to pay the bar tab at the end.

We used this opportunity to explain to students that whilst they are studying at university we can offer them that ever so desired experience within a classroom.Often students find themselves with a timetable that has spare gaps and we love to fill those gaps! Oh, and so many students were happy to hear that all our experience opportunities are paid. Money mixed with CV skill building is the best type of combination, right?

Here are just a few reasons why students aspiring to be teachers should register with us:

  • All of our work is temporary! You have the right to say no if you have got other commitments at any time. Got a busy exam period? Don’t worry we’ll let our handy database know and we promise to keep quiet until your busy period is over!

  • If you haven’t quite figured out if you want to work in primary or secondary education yet, this is a great way for you to get a taster.

  • If your next stage is to apply for a PGCE, having that experience of working within a school environment under your belt will make your application more favourable.

  • It’s an incredible way to network with people in schools! We’re effectively helping you get your face known within a variety of schools which means relationship building can begin!

  • Skills, skills, skills! The skills gained by working with young individuals are admired by many different professions. If you soon realise teaching isn’t the path for you, those skills will be loved by employers from different professions.

  • M O N E Y.



If you missed the opportunity to chat with us then you can still get in touch! We’re more than happy to have a chat with you to discuss your opportunities and give you that paid classroom taster.

You can email us over drop us a call 02920 49 66 46.