Music To Your Ears: Staffroom's De-Stress Playlist

We all know how hard the job can be. Managing classes, marking work, balancing a number of tasks and trying to fit in 'you' time can be practically impossible, so it's inevitable which one gets pushed to the back of the queue when it all gets too much. If the thought of exams are keeping you up at night and the pressure is piling up, we think it's about time you grabbed your headphones, sat yourself down and zoned out.

Forget that early AM alarm, the thought of traffic in the morning and a whole week of school. Sometimes a passionate sing along on your way to work or a few shapes in the bedroom are just what you need to banish the 'S' word for good. So here's our top 10 de-stress songs to get you up, out and ready for a good day of teaching...










10. Our playlist includes a range of genres but there's always room for more. Share them with us over on Twitter at @Staffroomed, we'll be sure to add them to our list of belters...