Dear Teacher...



Dear Teacher,

How has this year gone for you? How has your week been so far? Winter is upon us, we're all just about ready for hibernation, our bodies are running on a mix of coffee and a few mouthfuls of whatever we can shovel in before the bell goes and if someone asked us what day it is, it's probable that our brain would explode. You as educators have a difficult job, we all know how much effort you put in on a daily basis, and it's not as if you can ever switch off. Most of the teachers that I've spoken to have said that this year has been challenging, for both good and bad reasons and I'm sure you can relate. So much is expected to be done and sometimes it can seem a little too much, right?!

We just thought we'd take the time out today to remind you of how special and appreciated you all really are. The to do list on your desk probably says differently, but let's just push that to the side for a moment, forget about it and take the time to realise why you begun teaching in the first place. You are a TEACHER!  You have made it through all of the training, you put the effort in, stayed up until late, ran around like a headless chicken and never gave up.  You have been through work experience, you have passed the exams and you have survived it ALL. There is an art to managing the balance of life and you my friend, are working it. So what if your alarm goes off at the crack of dawn? So what if you forgot to have breakfast and half of your pupils had apparently faced the wrath of the dog with their homework, you are doing the impossible every day.

Take into account the fact that the only reason I am writing this is because I was taught how to, without people like you, we wouldn't know our A's from our B's and our C'd from our D's. Of course it's easy to throw our hands up and say that we can't do something, and when times get a little hard, giving up seems the easier option. Obviously, you know all about this, you face it every day from numerous children that refuse to be taught, but the key to success is that you continue to shape them.

Bad weeks happen. They bring out the worst in us, but don’t forget, they also bring out the best in us too. December will always be challenging, a full year of ups and downs will no doubt take its toll and it’s fine to admit it. Take these 365 days and use them to prepare for 207, make it work.

There are officially three weeks left of the year, so make it a memorable time. Treat yourself, treat your pupils and enjoy it. Brush off the cobwebs and look for the silver linings. Remember that teaching is your passion and the little hiccups are always short and insignificant in the long run, you can have your cake and eat it, in fact, eat the whole bloomin' lot!