Exam Season: Top Revision Apps

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If you're a student, you’ll find that it's that time of the year again: exams season. It's always tough, and quite frankly depressing, but in order to succeed you need to prepare in every way possible (without finding yourself on Facebook or taking naps every 15 minutes). Sometimes the usual methods can get a little tiresome, especially when you're surrounded by mountains of paper. So, with technology playing such a large role in our lives every day, here are our top apps for to aid the revision process.

iMindMap - If you or your pupils struggle to absorb written notes, then you might want to give 'mind maps' a go. The idea behind this app is to create a visual displays that many people find easier to remember, rather than your usual conventional textbook points. We often miss, or scan over text when we've been staring at it for too long so adding colour, icons, and arrows will help to keep the mind alert.

Exam Countdown - Yes, you probably want to forget these important dates, but having a structured plan in the run up can be vital to good grades. This app is free to download, simple to set up and will help even the most organised of individuals manage their time more effectively.

Dropbox - The ultimate app for storing and syncing files across computers, tablets, and smart phones. Writing a revision plan at school? Need vital information from a sheet on your laptop at home? Adding all of your documents to your Dropbox folder will mean you can download them anywhere, any time. Share folders with your pupils or classmates and keep everything organised and easily accessible.

AppDetox - Whether it’s the temptation to scroll aimlessly through instagram or get to the newest level of Candy crush, the lure of your heavily used social apps can mean a seriously decline in study. AppDetox helps you to calm down your mobile app usage, and take a digital detox. You are able to set your own rules for your apps to detox from some heavy usage and stop procrastinating

Gojimo - Make studying a little more light hearted with over 160,000 free revision quiz questions on English, maths, biology, chemistry, physics, history, geography and more. Stuck? Don't understand a question? It also includes an instant messaging app that connects students with tutors for immediate help.

Flashcards+ - This is the ultimate online flashcard & note card tool for high school and college students!  Create your own packs depending on your subjects and and share the decks with friends so you can study & learn together.

Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation - Giving examples of real usage, this app provides the basic information about grammar and punctuation that you may (and will) need in exams. Marks can be lost for the easiest of spelling mistakes, so apps such as these are the perfect aid to help you stay on the ball.

Memrise - MFL exam? Memrise is a fun space frontier based platform that helps you train your language skills. Nominated for 'best app' it specialises in combining memory techniques and entertaining content in order to make learning recreational.

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