Football Fever

world cup 2014

world cup 2014

Thursday 12th June will mark a very special day for many of us. Yes, it could be due to the fact that it's nearly a Friday but we all know it's because the World Cup shall be gracing our screens for one whole month, hurrah! With this massive football frenzy sweeping the nation, we've decided what better way to celebrate than to find some fantastic ways of incorporating it in to your classrooms. The playgrounds shall be alive with team talk and let's be honest, there's very little other on their minds, so I feel it's time to take the ball by the... ball? and get all sorts of subjects involved across the curriculum. I'm sure P.E teachers will be having the time of their lives, so it's definitely up to all of us to make sure that everyone has the chance to get in on the football fever. With the excitement building, and the scent of competition in the air, check out our selection of World Cup-themed lesson resources.

Football History

Time - It's always great to involve the children in some of Football's greatest moments. 'Time' offers a brief history of the World Cup through a slide show presentation.

Literacy Trust - Follow Tom as he travels the country visiting schools & libraries during the World Cup, exciting stuff!

TES - Bring the children together and welcome the World Cup in with an assembly presentation. Brazilian football past, qualifying teams & the kit/mascots are all covered in this excellent Powerpoint.

The New York Times - Look at the history of South Africa through the lens of the world cup. This classroom lesson plan involves plenty of politics & even Nelson Mandela.

World Cup Games 

Activity Village - Puzzles & printables. You name it, they've got it covered. Can you find all 32 qualifying countries in their World Cup Word Search?

Teaching Ideas - No kicking a football in the classroom right? Wrong. Get your kids up and about practising their skills with balloons with this fantastic idea from Teaching Ideas.

Pinterest - There are an array of unusual, fun & educational games for your pupils on the ever popular Pinterest platform. Pin, pin, pin away (and obviously print them for your classroom!)

Football Themed Activities

The Guardian - Your children can write their own interesting articles on the world cup with this resource, get creative!

Twinkl - Get the stadium signs printed, the kits cut & involve your class in some eye-catching football role play.

Busy Teacher - We all know your pupils have the voices of angels so this resource offers a lesson plan based purely around the song of the World Cup.

Pencil Street - Get your class to research the countries taking part in the World Cup and locate them on the map!

Football For Thought

Oxfam - These great activities will support pupils to use football to examine inequality between and within countries, look at news around the world cup & help them to consider how making new rules in football could make the game fairer.

Teacher Network - Use these activities with children to explore global justice issues through the lens of sport and football.

CAFOD - Although many of us are excited for the festivities, this film offers a great insight into how São Paulo is preparing for the World Cup and how its poorest communities are affected. You can download it for your class by right clicking it!

Street Child - This website offers plenty of downloadable resources for your classroom & assembly teaching simple and creative ways to introduce your pupils to the issue of street children using football.

However you decide to get involved, embrace the football love & let us know what your students have been up to! With the World Cup being such an all round fantastic event let's celebrate it classroom style...