Grads Love Careers: Cardiff University 2017

staffroom grad

staffroom grad

After the success of last year's event there was no doubt in our mind that we would be joining Grads Love Careers Fair at Cardiff University for round two.

As expected, we were mightily impressed with the organisation and helpfulness of staff. We were front and centre of the on-going buzz and the hall was filled with enthusiastic visitors. These types of fairs offer a wide variety of people that aren’t just interested in Teaching so it was really good for us to get involved in something a little different that still provided great benefits, and the students food for thought.

Not only are these types of events a beneficial way of small companies like ours of meeting new faces, they also give individuals the chance to get to grips on what is waiting for them and how to apply for it when they graduate. The full time job world can always seem a little daunting to those who have not yet experienced it, so it was mightily important to us that everyone we spoke to left the fair feeling confident about their future.

With the visit proving to be a massive success, we can’t wait to continue to meet fantastic potential Teachers.

Thank you for inviting us Cardiff University, a super successful day!