I'm the Newbie

So, I’m two weeks into my time at Staffroom and I thought now would be just about the right time to introduce myself. Hello, I’m Reena! I’ve got some pretty big boots to fill taking on this role, but fingers crossed it’s going well! I’ll be updating and creating content for all of Staffrooms’ social media platforms, here goes!



What I’ve Enjoyed Most So far:

Although I’m experienced in creating digital content and running social media platforms, I have never been in a recruitment environment before. So it’s quite a nice challenge for me getting to know a whole new online community! It was also quite nice being involved with the recruitment fairs within my first week, I felt like I was going on some school trip or something! Being part of a small team is real nice too, they have been so welcoming!

If I Could Marry a Type of Food It Would Be:

Food it seems is a MASSIVE deal within Staffroom. Important to the point that even in my interview for this position, Ajaz and Mike questioned me on my foodie loves.  If I could marry one type of food it would have to be Japanese – I am obsessed with sushi! I would probably be having a love affair with pizza though (woops)!

What I'm Doing When I'm Not Working:

I’m constantly checking out the amazing places to eat in Cardiff! I’m one of those people that checks Instagram constantly for foodie spots - FoodGuideCardiff is my absolute favourite to find the hidden gems in Cardiff! When I’m not eating I’m adventuring. Being from a busy city like Birmingham means I literally adore the serene yet adventurous spots that Cardiff offers. I also love my photography and illustration!

My Fave Social Media Platform:

I’m obsessed with Instagram. Actually, obsessed is probably an understatement. I’m admittedly one of those people that has to Instagram everything (woops)!

If you want to take a sneak peak of the posts I'm doing you can find them here! Facebook // Instagram // Twitter