Make the most of January.

It's here.

That ever so depressing month that everyone dreads. It’s cold, and it’s dark. Work is back in full swing, and the madness of Christmas is a distant memory. This morning there were warnings of a blizzard and quite frankly I seemed to share the 'I can't open my eyes properly' disease with everyone else that was heading to the office, sigh.

It's difficult to be optimistic when the whole world seems to be fighting the feelings, but what if this year… you chose to make the most of January?

The sales

It's always a love/hate kind of relationship, but treating yourself definitely aids the 'don't make me go back to work' blues. Holidays, restaurants, and pretty much everything and anything are cheaper in January - so grab your wallet, it's show time.


Yes, it's cold, and what does cold/wet/dreary/ mean? Sofa time - the best time.



New year (maybe, but probably not) new me

For those that want to start over, it is the best time for new beginnings. You can't deny that there's something up lifting about the idea of a clean slate, so whatever you fancy achieving then set it. You're free to take a new run at whatever you want – even running, if you must.


Sleep, what was that? December probably meant a whole lot of holiday, but perhaps not in the relaxing kind of way. January offers the time to recharge far more than any other month of the year, so switch off your phone and enjoy the silence...

Be a bit fat

Gym it, flex it, do whatever you want with it, but remember it's totally okay to feel plump around the edges from your Christmas bonanza. Setting realistic resolutions is the way forward so remember that it's still OKAY to treat yourself throughout the moody months. A chocolate bar on a Friday is well deserved (especially if you've made it through a full week of work).



The only way is up

Days are getting lighter, nights are getting shorter, Spring is on it's way and the money you earn won't be going on socks, spray sets, and chocolates for distant relatives. Take the time to book a holiday or organise something exciting to look forward to, you know, in between a box set marathon.

Snow day

"Worst snow in decades", is sprawled across every paper, every year, every January. The likelihood of it actually happening are always slim but maybe, JUST MAYBE, we're in for a goodun'.

Remember the good bits

Comfy strolls, hot toddies, and having an excuse to wear your onesie at 2pm are just some of the great things we associate with Christmas yet January still offers these too. Just because we're back at work and normality, (well kind of) doesn't mean you can't continue to enjoy all that comes with the Winter season. Hibernation is key, bask in the glory!

So when you're sat at your desk and somebody is saying '2017 is MY year' for the 10th time this morning, please try and remember that January isn't a punishment. It's the chance to change it up. It's chapter one. It's when all of your motivation goes wild and your positivity SHOULD be at it's peak. 

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