New Year, New Resolutions... Teacher Style.

new year

new year

The way we see it, rules are made to be broken, just like resolutions are made to make us feel better in January and then give us an excuse to eat chocolate after failing miserably and feeling sorry for ourselves. New year, new me, new lesson plans, new diet, new I'm going to be the best, happiest, freshest, bounciest teacher alive, is genuinely how we have all entered 2015, and why not? It IS the thought that counts. Some of you may conquer your goals and succeed in what many of us find completely impossible, others may find that just being more positive or actually having time to have breakfast is an achievement in itself. Whatever your wishes, it's pretty inevitable that every single one of us will set the same(ish) type of educational resolutions, and many of us will (unfortunately) fail...

1. Get more sleep.

I will plan ahead. I won't sit up and watch the next episode of my favourite soap on +1, it's the eye bags that matter. Alarm set for 6.30am and I'm away with the fairies by 10.

2. I will NOT let unmarked papers stack on my desk until it becomes what can almost be described as a game of unappealing Jenga.

Let's be honest, if it isn't paper, it's probably going to be books, pens, pencils, sticky notes... Sigh.

3. Lesson plans will be done on time.

No excuses are allowed. I've even bought myself one of those wonderfully jazzy new diaries to write all of my 'to-do's in.

4. I will avoid cake, biscuits, chocolate, and everything else that makes 100 student corrections more bearable.

Celery it is... Maybe if I dip it in this massive bowl of melted chocolate, then add sprinkles, sugar and a glass of wine I'll actually be able to eat it.

5. I will not pray for a snow day until July.

Move over weather, I'm taking my class by storm (quite literally)

6. I will keep my classroom tidy this year... And no one will ask for a spare pen.

Who am I kidding?

7. Snooze button? What snooze button?

The early bird catches the worm, and misses the traffic... Hallelujah!

8. I will try to keep my cups of coffee/tea to around 1(0) a day.

One must learn to concentrate without caffiene... After I've finished this mug.

9. I must remind myself that it is not professional to shout at the photocopier, laptop or computer when it isn't cooperating.

A bad workman always blames his tools, but I'm a teacher and I'm always right.

10. I will CONSTANTLY remind myself that I'm a fabulous teacher and I'm making a difference.

No caption needed.