In It To Pin It

pinterest staffroom

pinterest staffroom

Fancy using technology to your advantage? Try Pinterest for size...

Pinterest Terminology

  • Board: Your board is where pinned images go. Create a range of them to keep all of your ideas organised.

  • Pin or Pinning: When you find a particular image/idea you like, hit the pin button to store it.

  • Repin or Repinning: If someone likes your work they can repin it, share your work all over the world.

  • Pinners: An active user is called a Pinner. Add and follow particular pinners that you find helpful or really like.

Assign Board

Do you find yourself jotting down ideas or bookmarking websites and then forgetting about them? As teachers, it pays to be organised. Create a range of boards that help you to group specific subject notes, celebratory ideas and even outfit suggestions for future interviews. Pinterest can help you keep these ideas organized and easy-to-find when you need them.

Find and Pin Lesson Plans

When deciding to mix up your lessons, Pinterest offers plenty of ideas that have been trialed and tested by other teachers. Whether you're looking for book suggestions for school reading or a completely classroom activity, it's super easy to search, click and save the ones you love.


We all know that hard work can sometimes come with days where you just want to pull the duvet back over your head. You’ll find tons of inspirational quotes, photos, and jokes that will help you get through even the hardest of weeks.

Plan a Class Party

Jelly watermelon slices, decorative eggs and plenty of games makes it super easy to plan a one-of-a-kind classroom party. Sit with your pupils and pin away together to create a great end of year incentive if everyone puts the effort in.

Find Worksheets and other Printables

Stand outside of the box. There are hundreds of printables that you can use when teaching your pupils, use them, mark them and make sure you share how well it went with the teachers providing them on Pinterest. The same goes for your own creations, if you find something that works particularly well with your class, SHARE it online, be praised for what you do well and help others teach too.


Inspired by a lesson plan or image posted by another educator? Tell them! You can comment on their pins, offering you a chance to learn more and connect.

Develop as a Teacher

You might not have thought about using Pinterest as a personal development tool but it's a great way to push your teaching practises to the next level. Branching out, sharing experiences and connecting with other teachers all over the world is a great way to network and broaden your horizons, fresh ideas are always welcomed in the education industry, so this is the perfect place to build your platform.

Manage the Class

Want to instill a little more order in your classroom? Type in 'classroom management' and voila, let other teachers effectively share their expertise with you.

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