Preparation Is Key!

Hello 2014!



It’s a fresh year with fresh ideas, we all know you’re ready to make this year count and with this in mind we've decided to construct what we feel are the most important aspects of preparation for a day as a new supply teacher. So here’s the Staffroom down low & what you need to know.

First & foremost:

All Systems Go! – Alarm clock set, lunch packed & school documents/cards at the ready. You need to be all set for what can only be described as a morning marathon once you've been placed in a school, so make sure everything is in its place the evening before.

‘The Call’ – Rise & shine and be equipped for 7am, it’s most likely this will be when the phone will ring.

Upon Arrival:

Transport & Traffic – Journey plan, satnav, enough petrol? It may sound silly but planning your route ahead could save you those extra few minutes in rush hour traffic. Always leave early to avoid any stressful delays, first impressions are the most important, so it’s vital that you’re on time.

Q’s & A’s - There are a few key things that you will need to be familiar with, like the school’s behaviour policy, staff toilets, tea and coffee making facilities, and where you can prepare resources, so make sure you ask plenty of questions on your first time tour. Remember to always come that little EXTRA bit prepared, if you can pull out a lesson plan in the needs of an emergency, it’s all gold stars for you!

Day time details:

Friendly Faces - The office staff, teachers and even the caretaker too, will know the school inside and out so make yourself known to them. Smile and say hello to all the staff you come across within the school, not only is it good to see a happy face but it leaves a great impression. Supply can sometimes be a lonely job role, so it’s great to integrate.

Don't be afraid to ask for help if you have questions or need assistance. You will earn more respect by asking for help than you will if you lose control of the class. It's also great for you to leave plenty of feedback and notes for your recovering teacher so they know how you've got on and how to continue on from your lesson. Little things like this show how passionate you are about the job, and it's great for other people to hear that you've enjoyed working for and at their school.

End Of Day Details - Always give us or your agency a call. We love to know how our teachers have got on and how your day went. Not only does this give you the opportunity to inform us of your daily events, but it also let's us know that we're doing our job to the best of our ability, and that you're happy overall.

It may only be a one day plan, but putting 100% in to your work will always pay off, you never know where the job could take you. Smile, enjoy it, have fun, you're great at this!