Top Teaching Questions To Ask Your Interviewer



Okay, so you've bagged yourself an interview and you're all researched and ready to go. You've practised the answers to every possible teaching question that could be thrown your way and your portfolio is neatly laminated with colour coded sticky notes. Yes, you've got this. Nothing stands in your way. YOU ARE THE BOMB.

Or not?

Forgive us for being a little blunt but many candidates forget to prepare themselves for the last hurdle of any interview... 'So is there anything you wish to ask me?'.

'No' is not a good answer. In fact no is the worst possible reply you could give, along with a few others such as 'yes, can I go now?' and 'I don't know why I applied for this position'. Okay it's very unlikely people would actually say the latter but we're just giving you an example of how detrimental this two letter word can actually be. Passion is key to teaching, and nothing says passion more than plenty of curiosity and questions about the position and school that you WANT to work in. Whilst we hold our hands up and say there's no winning formula for the perfect interview, we do recommend asking some killer enquiries about the vacancy.

So to save you a little hassle (and from flushing your chances down the toilet) we've scanned the internet for the best and quirkiest questions to ask that boost your employability chances.

  1. What is the last person in the post doing now?

  2. When and how can I expect to hear from you regarding this position?

  3. What’s exciting about the school?

  4. If the ideal candidate walked in that door right now, what qualities, skills, and personality would they have?

  5. How will my performance be assessed and reviewed?

  6. May I tell you a little more about my interest in [your job relevant interest]?

  7. What kind of professional development opportunities does the school offer?

  8. How involved are parents, and how do teachers communicate with them?

  9. What type of school discipline plan do you have in place?

  10. What types of technology are available in your classrooms?

  11. What are some of the goals you have for the school this year?

  12. Do you see any gaps in my qualifications that I need to fill?

  13. What kind of relationship is there between administrators and teachers?

  14. What are your expectations of a teacher who wants to be a successful long-term employee?

  15. What are the newest curricular changes?

  16. Can you tell me about the team I’ll be working with?

  17. What is the next step in the process?

  18. What administrative/other tasks are required outside of teaching hours?

  19. May I have a tour of the school?

  20. Do teachers participate in curriculum review and change?

What questions have work best for you in interviews and why? Share your top tips & tricks with us at @staffroomed.