We Teach... Rain or Shine

Today I stare out of the office window and sigh at the rain. It's March for god sake, we just don't need this. Christmas has come and gone and I'm sure you'll all agree it's about the only time we welcome the cold. No one wants it after that, it's a pain, frustrating and quite frankly doesn't help the early mornings.

The more I come to think of it, the more I feel that weather reflects teaching life. Constant changes, unexpected downpours and of course the days where we wake up and feel fantastic because it's warm and welcoming. We can't prepare for it, we sure as hell can't change it but what we can do is get up and hope for the best - positivity is key right? If you're a little confused about what I'm saying, I'll try to break it down for you. I've probably had too much coffee and it's Wednesday so work has made me a little delirious, but let's go with the flow and see if you agree.

Mornings are a typical drizzle right from the word go. It's cold outside of the duvet and the weekend depression is on us. Traffic is everywhere in sight, your jumper is on inside out (because you accidentally slept through your alarm) and the only thing that helps is a hot coffee. You finally get into work and you can already tell there's a storm brewing, clusters of white paper fill your desk and your room looks pretty bleak. The children arrive (sounding like thunder) and it's about time you gave yourself a shake and hit your daily lessons plans like lightning; however caffeine power only lasts so long and before you know it there's a little less bolt and a lot more jolt. Some days bring more bluster than others and we all know that feeling very well; you're trying so hard to walk one way and the wind is blowing you in another. This is where the panic sets in, people everywhere are fleeing for their lives, your brain is telling you to stay in doors and the classroom looks like a tornado has smashed right through it, destruction at it's best.

However the best thing about the weather is the afternoons where you get those unexpected moments of sun. Just when you think it's all over, a pupil surprises you, good marks come in and someone thanks you for being so dedicated. These are the times that mean the most. You see it's all good and well wishing for a constant Summer, but would we appreciate it half as much? The warm and rewarding moments of teaching are what make the crazy mornings and moments worthwhile (we pray for them like we pray for hot sun and Piña coladas after February half term) so by god when we get them they are joyful. REMIND YOURSELF OF THESE! Although we moan about a cold day on most occasions, it very rarely grinds us to a halt.

Even if in some seasons the good days are a little rare, they still outweigh the bad. Nothing compares to feeling proud about your achievements and coming home from work with a smile on your face (if the traffic doesn't ruin it first). It's inevitable that we're all going to have days where we can't defrost the car windows, our pupils create a whirlwind of trouble and quite frankly, we hate life. Sometimes we'll look outside and just never want to leave, bed is better, bed is safe... But this feeling will pass. The weather shifts, our classroom shifts and in turn we change and adapt to combat whatever they throw at us. A little rain never harmed any one and with a good bit of positivity neither will a bit of a crap day either.