You Know You're A Recruitment Consultant When...



It's official, you've released the head hunter within and become a match making guru in the world of recruitment. You're a smooth talker. An I accept a challenger. A scanner for seeing someones full potential.

Yes, you're obviously one of them, we can see it in your eyes.

You just know you're a Recruitment Consultant when...

1. Your day in the office starts two hours before anyone elses.

2. You know all of your clients numbers off by heart, purely because you dial them about 100 times a day.

3. You've become numb to the sound of hold music.

4. You have dreams/nightmares about the phrase 'touching base'.

5. You've formed an addiction to caffeine.

6. Your notes have notes, and you make notes to make notes.

7. You turn social meetings into work related gatherings and can scope out a fantastic candidate in any room.

8. You carry business cards everywhere, yes, we mean everywhere.

9. You can pick out the mistakes in a CV without actually having to read it.

10. You've heard every excuse under the sun for being ill, busy or unavailable. Why is everyone always in a meeting?

11. You've mastered the art of rejection.

12. You see gatekeepers as challenges. Crystal Maze eat your heart out.

13. The phone doesn't ring for an hour and then your bombarded with 50 at once.

14. You find yourself answering your phone with 'Good morning, how can I help?' on weekends. To your friends.

15. Linkedin has become your new Facebook for both work and stalking.