Schools Out: 10 Reasons Teachers Know That The End Is Near

summer blog

summer blog

We're finally here. The last week of the school year is officially upon us. The sound of WAHOOs fill the air, children skip merrily down the corridor and the wine racks have been dusted ready for an array of thank you bottles that will keep us pretty busy throughout the Summer period; yes, it feels good.

With just a few days to go until we lock our classrooms up for the last time, here's our top ten familiar signs that you know school is OUT...

1. That morning alarm seems a little easier. Oh hello there spring in my step, so glad you could make an appearance.

2. Classroom supplies are looking pretty grim. There really was no point replacing all the glue lids, broken pencils, half chewed pen lids and tiny run down rubbers two weeks before the end of school is there?

3. The staffroom becomes more of a 'support' room. "Hi there, my name is Mark, I don't usually show my face in here but I'd just like to say I haven't had any disruption in my classroom for over a week".

4. Chocolates, chocolates everywhere. Oh and mugs, can't forget those.

5. It's the first time you've cried this year over the thought of a different class.

6. Six of your pupils have come down with a mysterious week-long, ever so serious sickness bug that no parent would ever dream of sending their child in with. For the sake of the other pupils health of course.

7. Cake replaces the soft rich tea boringness that normally haunts your staffroom.

8. You find yourself sharing copious memes on Facebook about going wild.

9. Flip flops, yep they'll do for work today.


'Cause you are now free, to do what you want to do...