Self Care is Vital

You’ve scored that dream job and you’re currently really enjoying throwing yourself into it. You’re organising your days in advance and spending every spare minute you have planning that perfect work day – because you’re so committed and grateful for the opportunity. Sound familiar? We’ve all been there and often that can be a downfall of having fulfilled your #jobgoals. But don’t let it be a downfall! Recognise how important self care is to your career sooner rather than later and you will prevent that groggy little burning out feeling. Self care is your new best friend and you're going to be bffl.



It perhaps feels like we’re stating the obvious, but it is often easy to forget about the importance of self care. With your daily routine consisting of one million and one things to do it may literally just simply slip your mind. (Woops) But we urge you to try and change that - make self care a vital part of your daily routine. According to the Huffington Post, self care practices improve the mental and physical health of workers which results in boosting the employers productivity. Put simply, taking time out to care for your self will make you a better version of your self and that will have a beneficial input on your career.

Just in case you needed some inspiration when it comes to self care, we hope these tips help you out. The purpose of this is to show that even the small things that take up a teeny amount of time can often bring out the better version of your self and make you more productive in the work place.

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