Classroom Olympians

It's official, the 2014 Sochi Olympics are in full swing. From the 7th-23rd of February, all eyes will be glued to these 98 fantastic events, and who can blame us? The idea itself is to celebrate sport, fitness and the ability to achieve, and with this in mind we feel it could be a vital component in today's classroom lessons. There is much debate in today's society on whether children get enough exercise, so with this in mind, what better way to encourage a love of sport by introducing them to these fantastic games?! The Olympics can be used for many rich learning possibilities in dozens of ways and across all academic content areas. It offers children a deeper knowledge in to geography, competition, dedication, endurance and sportsmanship, so of course it should most definitely celebrated. Just about EVERY subject can incorporate this annual event in some way, and as a result, we thought we'd share some fantastic links and resources to help you do so.



Russian & Olympic History

Teacher Vision - What do your children know about the port city of Sochi itself? Send them home with plenty of impressive facts.

BBC UK- Did you know the Olympic Games began over 2,700 years ago in Olympia, in south west Greece?!

The Guardian - Great for starting discussions, this presentation is filled with helpful tips and information about the winter games.

The New York Times - A fantastic audio on the most monumental moments and people that have graced the Olympics.

Olympic Games 

Activity Village - With the super cold weather continuing into February, why not hold your own 'Schooli Olympic Games'.

Teaching Ideas - Sports day entry sheets, Javelin throwing lessons plans & plenty of other game ideas make this link completely perfect for a quick classroom game.

Classroom Olympics - This PDF sets a plan for students to take part in several classroom Olympic events. Get your paper plates & plastic straws ready!

Olympic Themed Activities

The New York Times Learning Network - These multimedia-rich lessons for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games are super cool, they can be used for 2014's games too!

Teach Hub - Olympic poetry or sports writing could help inspire your students both inside and outside of the classroom. Great for incorporating descriptive adjectives.

Pinterest - A great excuse for a few more hours pinning. The site offers a range of boards created purely for Olympic fun!

Teaching Heart - From Maths ideas, to Arts & crafts, this page offers print outs, recommended reads and lesson plans for your classroom.