Summer Holiday Shenanigans



Hurrah for the holidays! School is out and the kids are ready for six weeks jammed packed full of lie ins, lollies and late nights. Holidays can be a fantastic time to bond with your children and gives you the chance to even let your own inner child out to play, but sometimes it comes with the price of stress. We all know that long breaks can have the disadvantage of boredom, so it's best to put that little bit of extra planning into making the time you have special, not every day has to be a series of non stop energizing activities but it's always good to have a few ideas in mind so that everyone has something to look forward to. Need inspiring? Check out our compilation of bits and bobs that will keep everyone relaxed, excited & ready for summer break...

First & foremost it's a good idea to check that you're prepped and ready for all occasions. Footballs pumped, batteries replaced, den sheets washed & food in the cupboard means that even in a time of despair there's always a back up plan. Get your children involved in the organisation of the activities you'll be getting upto by making a 'Bucket & Spade List' of all the things they'd love to experience with their time off. Obviously try to keep these as realistic as possible, we'd all love to go and see Minnie & Mickey in Disneyland but this may not be possible for every family. Beach days, park visits & water fights are some of the few suggestions that kids may love to pop down on their wish list.

With the essentials ticked off, it's time to grab your calendars & crayons and get cracking with ideas...


For days when you have the time to pack a picnic and set off on an adventure, there's plenty to do near and far. Libraries, community & leisure centres hold many events that include crafts days, story times & indoor sports. These types of activities are great when you may need a few hours to get the house work done, or the weather isn't so great (which let's be honest, is the story of our lives in this country!)

Local attractions are also a fantastic choice, the zoo, farms, museums and even a trip to a theme park are some of the ways to get the kiddywinks super excited, which is always a good bargaining tool when you need them to behave. Many swimming pools also host 'inflatable' days & for those wanting to keep the kids fit and healthy, many locations now hold kids yoga, dance & crossfit classes for you to both enjoy.


 Okay, let me stress to you how great a good movie day is. Popcorn, duvet cocoons & films galore is the perfect way to relax with the little ones, aswell as giving you the chance to pop your feet up, bliss. You could create some treats to eat whilst watching Disney by getting the kids in the kitchen. Whether you're baking cakes for everyone to enjoy, or getting the little ones to design a menu for tonight's tea, cooking is a fantastic way of involving all ages and creating some pretty tasty snacks. Not to mention it’s a good chance to teach about numbers, fractions, nutrition, and providing for the family. See our Pinterest for a range of healthy ideas!

Days indoors are the best way to make the most of all those toys that were bought for Christmas and are now collecting dust. Magic shows, assault courses, paintings or using the imagination and putting on a play are some of the many things that you can all do together, or they can do solo when a day out may not be an option.

Indoor picnics and tea parties are another excuse to eat up your homemade creations and draw the kids away from the tele, plus it gives you the option to invite friends & family over. Children think it’s a big treat to do the everyday in a special place, and the floor is one of those places.  Brew up some hot chocolate and have a little tea time in cups with saucers, simple yet effective.


All hail the garden. Fresh air and plenty of activities make it the perfect little place for children to get plenty of exercise whilst staying close to home. Treasure hunts, kites, skittles and even a good bit of gardening are a range of ways to keep busy. If it's raining? Embrace it. Get your wellies at the ready, stomp in puddles & hunt for bugs, okay snails aren't for everyone but every child will love it (we can watch from the window!).

For those that like to live a little on the wild side, setting up a tent & doing a night camping in the garden is always fantastic. Toasting marshmallows, telling ghost stories & eating hotdogs are a few of the many things that you and your little ones can do to make the most of your night tucked up in the sleeping bags.

Planting seeds is another great long-term project to help the children understand not only how to grow flowers but also educational things such as photosynthesis. Whether it be vegetables or sunflowers, both prove a rewarding task for all over the holidays, plus you get to eat the finished products - there's nothing quite like homemade strawberries and cream!

Whatever your choices, there's nothing quite like spending some quality time with your loved ones, regardless of the damage it does to your carpets and cupboards. After all, they're only young once...