Hot Chocolate And Marshmallows

keep calm

keep calm

" provides a focal point for anyone undertaking supply work. From here, you can learn about the pro and cons of supply work, discover how to become a supply teacher, find information on teaching recruitment agencies, uncover books on being a better supply teacher, and meet other supply teachers."

It's always great meeting with new people, and it's even better when it's accompanied by sticky toffee chocolates and a packet of bourbons. Yesterday we were lucky enough to meet Sharon Wood, the creator of and finally put a face to a name. With Staffroom being particularly passionate about the happiness of our candidates, we were keen to sit and chat 'Supply' over a good hot drink.

It was Sharon's fantastic idea of 'Supply for Lunch' in 2013 that got our attention, we're always looking for ways to give back to our teachers and this was the perfect excuse. After writing our pledge and stuffing our teachers with pizzas, we decided that these types of events would be a yearly occurance in our office, and so we've always kept in touch with the brains of the operation. Her website incorporates all of the support, information and resources you will need to be succesful in all of your educational endaveours, not to mention the around the clock social media platforms that are also there to use at your convenience. If you ever fancy a good chit chat about your daily on goings check out the Facebook details via her website and keep a keen eye out for #SupplyChatLive on Twitter, trust us it's useful, even if it is only to discuss how much your looking forward to a lazy day off or what you're cooking for tea!

So whether you're a keen supply teacher, have a few educational questions or perhaps want to build a proffesional relationship with others in the industry, this concept is the answer to all of your problems...

We look forward to our next meeting with the Nutty Supplier, there's nothing better than a good hot chocolate and marshmallow chat!