Supply For Supper

There’s something nurturing about having a meal prepared for you in the middle of a hectic day, especially when you've been nurturing others all morning... 

The Supply Teacher has come up with a fantastic concept that would make this happen. All hale 'Supply for lunch'. A day that will encourage supply teachers across the country to dine in the staffroom on their lunch break. We all know that such a busy schedule can result in all action and no talk making the job seem quite isolated, and we'd love to help celebrate change.

So here's our idea...

On Tuesday 3rd December we'll open our office doors to supply teachers of all ages. Whether you pop in for a quick visit or fancy making yourself comfortable, we'll spend the evening offering nibbles and a good natter, after all, the day is to encourage talk in the Staffroom, so what better way to do that than with Staffroom Education?!

 Join us for our festive teacher's tea party from 4.30pm onwards, and help us supply great conversation!