Supply Teacher Presentation - Cardiff University



2017 has been off to a great start for us with meeting new faces. This week we organised to go out and present to some of the fantastic students at Cardiff University who are considering the teaching route, and it was great to see such an eager turn out.

Many students often overlook a teaching career or completely disregard it especially if it’s it’s something that has never been offered, so we wanted to show how Staffroom could offer anyone the chance to sample the life before making any huge commitments. Taking on supply work whilst studying enables you to gain experience and make a good impression without having to do the burden of excessive paperwork and administration involved with the profession. Your workload and responsibilities are reduced so you get more flexible hours and you can concentrate on deciding whether this path is for you, whilst studying and enjoying the perks of being in a classroom.

Supply teaching provides you with opportunities to observe and learn from a range of teachers that work in the schools you visit. You are able to observe how they teach, plan and work together to achieve the best ways of doing things. Not only this, but as supply teachers you are exposed to different age groups which will not only benefit from a diversity of learning styles, but build confidence too.

It is really important that supply teachers work for a supply teaching agency that offers teacher training so that you can overcome any difficulties that you have, so we make sure that we provide our staff with at least three teaching training days a year. When working as a supply teacher the benefits clearly way out the negatives. Once you know what difficulties can arise you can over come them with the help and support from your consultant and university, helping you to strengthen your skills before applying to a PGCE course or attending a full time job interview.

Other advantages of supply teaching include the flexibility to work when you want; great rates of pay; the option to work days in your specialism; and meeting new people!

Indeed this option provides a great path for any undecided students to gain a broad range of experience, and we can’t wait to work alongside Cardiff University  to offer just that.

If you are are interested in becoming a supply teacher then please contact one of the team on 02920 496646 or