Daily Tips For Supply Teacher Stress

note to self

note to self

It's busy term time. The end seems a decade away and even after a good two weeks of luxurious lie ins you're still completely cream crackered. It's times like these that we completely forget to look after ourselves, we're too busy concentrating on the work coming in rather than our lives; that are quite frankly going out of the window. Teaching, regardless of the role is a full-time position, it requires complete dedication and work both in and out of the school gates. For you to work to the best of your ability you must take the time to stop and smell the coffee (and drink it all). Taking care of yourself means that you're constantly in a better frame of mind, in turn equipping you for those days that may spring a few unwanted surprises your way. If you're feeling a little under weather lately or you're finding yourself a little off track, take a look at a few of our simple and easy to follow steps that might just help put a little spring back into your step...


With the weekend blues upon us, it's sometimes difficult to shake off the weekend, especially when your alarm is bleeping at 6am.

  • Put yourself to bed EARLY on the sunday, wind down, prep tomorrow's lunch. Be Ready.

  • Treat yourself to your favourite morning drink/breakfast. You'll find it easier to think on a full stomach

  • Give yourself time to plan before the children arrive, five minutes to mentally prepare always helps.

  • Plan for your week ahead.


Ever so slightly easier but we're still counting down until the weekend, sigh.

  • Start your day by focussing on yesterday's positives.

  • Listen to your favourite radio station/song on the way to school and sing your heart out.

  • Give yourself some alone time on your lunch. Tend to yourself.

  • Nosh down on some well-earned treats, the first two days are done.


Happy half way through the week day.

  • Avoid the enemies of sleep. Make sure that you have regular routines and continue to prepare the night before.

  • Take a book into work. Finding even just ten minutes for your mind to focus on something else will help you concentrate in later lessons.

  • Make a list of things that help you relax, carry AT LEAST one out when you arrive home, this will help you fly through the next two days.

  • Make sure to surround yourself with positive people. Take the time to sit down and converse in the Staffroom.


Friday eve, the day that we feel super tired, super hungry and can't take the dressing gown off.

  • With energy being at a low point, stock up your bag with plenty of healthy goodies. Fruit/nuts/veggies help to keep you going and can be quickly eaten in between lessons.

  • Ban negative talk. No cant's just cans.

  • Concentrate on staying hydrated, lack of sleep and a busy week can take its toll. Plenty of water will keep you alert!

  • Find yourself dreading work/marking that may need doing over the weekend? Set yourself certain times to do it over the next four days, by spacing it out you can concentrate on letting your hair down and still have the time to get things done. No stress, no mess.


And breathe. We're nearly there.

  • Start the day with positive thoughts; what are you looking forward to this weekend?

  • Treat your class/teacher friends to something nice (aswell as yourself), cake in the staffroom is a great way to end a week.

  • Think about everything that you've achieved this week and make notes on how you'll be just as fantastic the week after.

  • Socialize with the people you love. Sometimes work means that friend/family time gets neglected so make sure you spend your free time surrounded by people who let you relax.

Even just taking a few of these suggested points on board can make the world of difference. When life is hectic you need to take control; the more you look after yourself, the more you will flourish.