Supply Teaching - Essentials Guide

Ah, the joys of supply teaching! Although it’s a wonderful way to earn money working around your schedule, it can often be combined with that dreaded fear of waking up early and having to rush to a job because an opportunity has popped up so last minute. We get it, it can be stressful getting yourself organised when there can be so much uncertainty surrounding your daily routine. So to cure that stress, we’ve come up with a Supply Teaching Essentials Guide!

These essentials are something you should have ready always if you do supply teaching. Every single day will be completely different for supply teachers, but this essentials guide will help to have things prepared that mornings aren’t so manic. Fingers crossed. After all – preparation is key!

coffee mug

coffee mug

Essential Number 1 – Rewards for Good Behavior

It’s always a good idea to have something like stickers in your essentials pack so when you want to reward good behaviour in the classroom it'll be easy! The students will feel appreciated too. Students may then give positive feedback about you and hopefully you will be called back to the school for more jobs- yay!

Essential Number 2- A Folder

It might be a school that you’re not so familiar with that you're going to be working in. A folder is a great way to keep all files that you’re given in one place - just so nothing goes missing. Keeping things such as your timetable for the day and a map of the school together will make your day way less hectic and far more organised!

Essential Number 3 – Name Tag Stickers

If you’re not so great with names and you’re doing so many lessons, it may be a great way to carry name tag stickers in your essentials kit. This way students can pop them on and you can feel more comfortable with the faces!

Essential Number 4 – A Book

A book is not only a great way to make that commute to work in the morning less boring, but it can also be a great conversation starter within the staff room on your lunch break! Again, if schools see you being more sociable with their staff, the chances are more likely that they will want you back!

Essential Number 5 – A mug and Tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolate

Trust me, comforts like this will make your day feel like it’s running smooth! Plus, there’s nothing worse than craving a cuppa to then find that supplies aren’t provided by the school. Better to be safe than sorry, right?!

Essential Number 6- Paracetamol

This one is an absolute genius to keep in your essential pack! Sometimes the hectic nature of supply work may give you a teeny bit of a headache but the last thing you want to do in that situation is to be sent home. Being sent home means losing money after all. So, keep a packet of paracetamol with you and that should do the trick!

Essential Number 7 – Your phone

This one might seem like we’re stating the obvious but some people do quite often forget the importance of keeping their phone! Your phone will be like your mini saviour for the day; you can check your next assignment, call the agency if you need any advice/help and also get directions if you’re lost (thanks to good ol’ Google Maps). Just remember to keep your phone turned off during lessons!

Essential Number 8- Snacks

Snacks to help you going through the day is an essential! Everybody loves snacks, and they’re a great little pick me up!

We hope that this essentials guide helps you to make those days of supply less hectic! If you’ve got any other essentials that you think supply teachers should always have on standby then drop a comment below or Tweet us @StaffroomEd.