Supply Teaching - An Insight!

We thought it would be a lovely idea to catch up with one the lovely folk signed up to our agency and let you get a teeny bit of an insight into what it’s like to do supply teaching. The purpose? Just in case you’re a bit confused as to whether supply teaching is what you want to do, we are hoping that this insight helps you to find your feet!

Drumroll please - say hello to Jennifer! Jennifer is from Ireland living in Cardiff working her way up to that teaching dream and supply teaching until she gets there. She’s only been signed up to Staffroom for a few weeks, so we promised to take it easy on her and not ask her too many intense questions for this inside scoop (we’re nice like that you see and it would be a shame to scare her off so soon). So sit back, pop the kettle on and we hope this settles your worries about supply teaching!



What is your favourite thing about being signed up to our agency to do supply teaching?

The staff are very friendly, how quick the sign up process was and time to receive work, it was brilliant!

What is your teaching background and experience?

This year, I did a five week placement in a Primary School working with children aged 5 to 13 years, I was a teaching assistant and worked with an Educational Psychologist to assist children who were struggling in a large classroom setting. It was really enjoyable and I learnt a lot. I have also been a swimming teacher for over seven years working with children from mixed ability levels, a lot of the children I worked with had physical disabilities. I have complete my Irish and UK Safeguarding of Children Course, I also have a Level One Swimming Teaching Certificate.

Do you have any teaching specific qualifications?

I have complete my Irish and UK Safeguarding of Children Course, I also have a Level One  Swimming Teaching Certificate.

What made you realise that teaching was the route that you wanted to go down?

I have always worked with children from a young age, I loved assisting children who were a little weaker and struggling to reach their full potential. During my Masters in Psychology, one placement I was on was in a school setting and I really enjoyed the atmosphere and how friendly it was. When working with children, it is nice to see their progress and how excited they are to learn and be given a chance. From these experiences, this sparked my interest to see how I could cope and deal with children in a school setting.

What are your likes and dislikes about being in the classroom?

My likes are being in an educational environment, at times I feel I am learning just as much as the children and that is important as not one class is boring nor repetitive. It is always interesting and in the school I am working in this moment I work in classroom settings with Year 7s to Year 10s, it is different every day and every child I work with has different abilities.

My dislikes would be sometimes it may be feel like I am doing little to help the children however sometimes simply sitting with the children and offering emotional support is better than telling them what to do or giving orders.

Do you find temporary supply teaching positions a struggle? Or do you think that they work well with your lifestyle?

No I don't find them a struggle, right now I am at a crossroads with where I want to take my career and this is an ideal temporary position to give me some extra time to decide.

If you weren’t teaching right now, what else would you be doing?

I think I would be still thinking about where I want to take my career in psychology by doing volunteering work at home or working as a Swim Teacher.

What is your favourite thing about being signed up to our agency?

My favourite thing would be the time from when you sign up to the time you start work, it only took one day between sign up and being out working for me. It was amazing. Likewise, I appreciate how mid week availability is confirmed through email for the following week, it not a last minute Monday where they call you and let you know about work for the week. Jess and everyone are so friendly and helpful, it really is an efficiently and professionally run company.

What advice could you give to anybody hoping to get into teaching?

Be careful what company you sign up to within the educational field as so many will promise you work and then you will be left with nothing, Staffroom are not as well known as the others but yet with all four companies I had signed up to they had me in work the quickest. Likewise, they matched me to a very good school which met my requirements and was exactly what I was looking for. Be clear what you are looking for within schools, know where you want to work and don't be afraid to say no.

We hope you found this insight helpful! If you do however have any other questions about supply teaching then don’t hesitate about asking. You can drop a comment down below, email us at or tweet us @staffroomeducation!