#TeacherLife : The things to be thankful for

Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges.

Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges.

Regardless of where you are in the world, Thanksgiving is a great time to remind ourselves of everything we are grateful for, particularly when you've been running around like a headless chicken throughout the last stretch of this Winter term. As we have said time and time again, teaching is hard. The rules are always changing, the children are always changing, the curriculum is always changing, and let's be honest, the blame for anything and everything that goes wrong usually falls quite heavily on our shoulders.

As the year progresses, I've seen more and more articles and blogs about individuals putting the education industry behind them. Nearly one in ten teachers left the profession last year – the highest proportion for a decade –  and almost a quarter of teachers now leave within three years. Although everyone has the right to make these choices, it's a shame to see so many amazing people giving up a job they are so good at.

But while the work is full on, the pressure is huge and the judgement can be a little overwhelming, here are plenty of lighthearted and fun reasons why teaching is a bloody good career path.

1. You become a role model, even with toothpaste down your shirt and yesterdays felt tip pen all over your hands.

2. Children teach you just as much as you teach them. We're not just talking about how to take a great 'selfie' here either, a simple comment from a child can change your whole perspective on a subject.

3. 'Thank you' means so much more when it's heard from a child you've worked so hard with.

4. You have the best excuse to buy obscene amounts of stationery. YES I DO NEED ANOTHER NOTEPAD AND 100 PENS.

5. You'll never ever run out of new mugs... ever.

6. You get to know (and understand) the completely unrecognisable lingo of today's younger generations. Yolo...

7. You have at at least 30 people who will laugh at your rubbish jokes.

8. Long holidays are great (even if you do have lots of work to do throughout them).

9. Cheesiness aside, there is nothing better than helping children meet their goals.

10. "Yes, I am working. Pinterest boards are a vital part of the lesson planning."

11. Your classroom may be a mess, but it's yours and you rock it.

12. Is there ever such a thing as a 'dull day'?

13. Children say the funniest things.

14. You get to teach what you love every single day.

15. Your classroom may be pretty much the only place you are considered “cool.” Rock it.

16. The work friendships are amazing. Coffee rounds, moans in the staffroom and a good raid of the biscuit tin are what keep you going.

17. If the walls could talk! Some of your most memorable moments will be all down to teaching, there's nothing lovelier.

18. There's plenty of opportunity to spend time with your children ( considering you live and breathe them any way!)

19. You get to be one of those 'inspiring' teachers that you remember from school. They were always the cool ones...

20. Giving is good. Your profession means you're contributing massively to society and it's so important. Keep doing what you're doing, we wouldn't be where we are without you.

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