Summer Term Tiredness: Our 35 On How To Survive

There is no tired like end of year teacher tired. This term in particular is always a toughy, not just for you, but your pupils as well. It's hard to concentrate when you know there's a humongous six weeks off around the corner, especially when you're tired and touchy from a huge bout of exams. We won't bore you with huge motivational paragraphs about how hard you should work and how inspirational you can be. Sometimes all you need is a few quick words and a handful of pointers to get you up and ready to rock and roll.

1. Stop trying to rely on your memory! There's far too much for you to get on with it remember it all. Grab a pen and write it down.

2. Keep things in perspective.

3. Ask yourself if the problems you have today will be important next week. PMA.

4. Always have a back up plan. What happens if...

5. Enjoy the lesson together and misbehaviour will decrease.

6. Get to work a little early and enjoy 10 minutes of peace.

7. Say no. You can't do everything and anything. Accept it and attack what is important with 100%.

8. Sleep early, wake early.

9. Change the pace, swap and spice up your activities every week.

10. More is less. The harder you work now, the less you'll have to do when Summer comes.

11. Embrace the variety of assessment.

12. Hot muggy days = sluggish. Drink plenty and eat plenty of the good stuff.

13. Surround yourself with the positive people. Sounds obvious but don't sit in a staffroom full of moans and groans, it won't set you up for a good afternoon.

14. Switch off.

15. Don't hold on to the bad days.

16. Schedule in some fun every day, for both you and for your students.

17. Reward yourself. You deserve it.

18. When in doubt, get coffee.

19. Commit to emptier evenings. It's easy to over do it, even outside of the classroom.

20. Add incentives to your class to keep everybody on track. Longer into the year = less motivation.

21. Incorporate class marking. It'll benefit when you don't want to surface in August!

22. Use your weekends wisely.

23. Help and be helped. A problem halved is a problem solved.

24. A little procrastination does the world of good.

25. Embrace the days where you feel like rubbish, you're not a robot.

26. Do all of your photocopying the day before.

27. Bad mornings are made better with sweet treats. True story: Sugar increases endorphins that will boost your mood.

28. Use Pinterest to create boards for subjects, classroom design and useful end of year tasks.

29. Change the alarm tone on your clock regularly, it helps you to get out of bed a little quicker.

30. Prepare clothes/lunch/work the night before so you can have an extra ten minutes sleep.

31. Plan an end of year memorable treat with a take home message. It'll be great for both you and your pupils.

32. Remind yourself of everything you've smashed this year (not literally, we know there's probably been a few staff mugs).

33. Grab some feedback from your students - they have been stuck with you for the last year after all!

34. Ban looking at emails after a certain time. Work can wait.

35. Enjoy the last few weeks with your class, soon they'll be moving on and it'll be time for new faces.