The Benefits of Supply Teaching for NQTs



As a Newly Qualified Teacher, supply teaching offers a fantastic opportunity to not only earn some cash for your well-earned summer holiday, but also to network within the local schools. If you don’t have a permanent job or fixed-term contract lined up for 2017, it too can provide the perfect platform for you to show potential employers what you’re made of and, ultimately, lead to long-term work.

It’s important to understand that while supply is, on the whole, a short-term option for an NQT, it should be used to pave the way for your future in teaching. Each day you work on supply as a final year PGCE student is as good, if not better than an interview. It puts your directly into the shop window and allows you to show what you are made of without having to go through the stresses you would encounter in a formal setting.

Over the years of meeting with, speaking to and registering NQT’s, a pattern emerges of really promising candidates missing out on permanent jobs because of their interview. As a recruiter, we understand that your strengths are in the classroom and not necessarily the boardroom – not yet anyway – and by offering you short-term cover within a school, you have the chance to bypass the recruitment process and get directly into doing what you want to do…teach!

There is a direct correlation between the number of PGCE students who enjoy successful summer term supply placements that then find themselves with contracts the following academic year. As an agency, we see this happen more and more each year.

You will know how few permanent and contract positions are now advertised in publications like TES and eTeach. Our schools appreciate that when recruiting for a particular role, an invaluable way for them to increase their chances in making the right selection is to see that person in a classroom environment over a number of days or weeks. What better way to achieve this than through supply.

Whatever your circumstances, use this time we have left in the year to your advantage. If you have been successful with an application for next year – congratulations! – earn some extra money for the summer and that fortnight in Kavos. If you have not yet secured a position, show your prospective employers how good you are and what you can bring to their school. Either way, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you are interested in finding out more about how supply can help you, the work that we have currently available or have any questions about beginning your career as a qualified teacher, get in touch with us today. Our experienced consultants have a wealth of experience and will be more than happy to answer your questions.