The Summer Experience

summer camp

summer camp

As the summer approaches it's inevitable that we're all about to catch the holiday bug, exams have taken their toll and you're ready to lock the door and throw away the key on any work related thoughts. We don't blame you, long hours, revision and staring at a screen deserves a break or three, especially when you've been stressed about observations and mentor meetings. Before you say it, we know it's your time to let you hair down, to reward yourself and finally make up for lost time that was completely neglected over the past several months, but whilst you're planning your next adventure on a beach half way across the world, perhaps there may be time to consider a little work experience too?

Life is all about balance. Whilst we should all welcome time off with open arms it's an excellent idea to build up your CV and earn some money ready for the Autumn term. Valuable work experience will support your applications when trying to secure a full time job as a teacher, not only does it show you have the skills that the school needs but conveys your dedication and initiative too.

Summer schools

A lot of teachers simply keep teaching during the summer. You can teach summer classes at your school, a nearby community college or at a day camp/summer programme. These jobs tend to range from a two to eight week duration and are normally available from June to August across the UK. Embassy Summer & SummerJobs have a huge selection of summer vacancies that will help build your confidence, skills and cv by working with children.

Teaching Overseas

Spending your summer teaching abroad can be a wonderful change of pace from the usual education system. These jobs also give you the opportunity to travel and experience a foreign culture with new students.  One popular option is teaching English. Just like teaching it at home, you’ll likely have motivated adult learners in your classes. But as a bonus, you get to explore a totally new country when your working day is done. Check out Geovisions for more information.

Exam marking

Whether your qualification is in Maths, Art or Languages, you can contact official exam bodies such as OCR/AQA and apply to become an examiner. The pay depends on the exam, and all new examiners have a bit of training to complete online or via post before they can start. This option is perfect for those who would prefer to work closer to home and want to be able to pick and choose when and where they work. If you have plenty of plans over the Summer period but still want to climb the career ladder, exam marking is for you.


If you want to make a more permanent short-term commitment, consider being a nanny. You’ll still be working with kids but the difference is you’ll be working with one family consistently as opposed to many families for a few hours. gives you the option to look for work, advertise and submit your CV for parents to look through, so make sure that your job appeals to the desired audience.


Kids need extra help, even in the summer. Maybe they’re falling behind, or maybe their parents wish them to learn something new whilst they have some time to spare —either way, you can be there to teach. Spread the word through family, friends, social media and e4s. People are always looking for a great tutor for a cheap(er) price and that's where you can come in. With your subject experience and passion to work with children, you'll be recommended to plenty in no time.

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