You know it's the Summer term when...



The countdown to the summer holidays has begun. Can you relate to these summer term indicators?

1. You thank your lucky stars you aren't teaching year 11.

2. Every conversation begins with the phrase, "what are your plans for the holidays?"

3. At least every day involves a students asking if they can all do something 'cool' on the last week of school.

4. Mornings become slightly (like ever so slightly) easier.

5. Outdoor lessons are actually considered.

6. Playground duty is no longer a chore.

7. You have never, ever loathed insects as much as you do now - who knew a wasp could cause so much disruption (and screaming?)

8. You've managed to hide your ridiculously competitive side until now... Hello sports day.

9. You have to make space for the 15 mugs, chocolate boxes, and bottles of wine that'll be welcomed with open arms in t-minus 7 days.

10. You finally give in to the demands of an outdoor lesson (and five minutes in are reminded why you always said no.)

11. The staffroom is filled with joyous chat about lie ins, having a social life, and of course sweatpants.

12. You enjoy looking on Pinterest for the first time in the last six months.

13. You have random sad moments over losing the exact same class that have driven you mad for 365 days.

14. You become a specialist in hayfever prevention, and drowning out the sniffles.

15. 'Next year I'll be more organised.' - every teacher, everywhere.

What does your last term before Summer break look like? Share your stories with us at @staffroomed.