Your Wish Is My Command!

"Love Our Local Business" is back! Intuit UK alongside StartUp Britain has launched a fantastic competition that offers funding to small start-ups and business owners like ourselves. There are ten £1,000 cash awards and a one £5,000prize for the business that qualifies as the winner of the six week campaign, and whether big and audacious or small and practical, the money will go towards granting the business a wish of their choice.

Staffroom Education has entered, and you can help us to make a difference. Our aim is to acknowledge all of the amazing teachers in our schools, as well as our colleagues more broadly by treating each and every one of them to a day that will let them truly know how much we value  their time, investment, and encouragement to see that all students excel.

All you have to do to help is click here and vote! Let's give back to the people that gave us so much; after all, where would we be today without an education?